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The course is part of the actions foreseen in the project "I DON'T SEE, I DON'T HEAR, I DON'T TALK”, Offers theoretical-practical training on the evaluation and treatment of complex trauma, integrating the evident-based principles of diagnosis and clinical intervention.
An overview of the nature of traumatic events will be proposed starting from the trajectories of individual and contextual vulnerabilities, with particular attention to Childhood Adverse Experiences (ACE) and attachment theory.
Participants will acquire an in-depth knowledge on the tools and methods of evaluation of trauma-related syndromes in developmental age and on the evaluation of parental recoverability.
Regarding clinical intervention, the course aims to introduce evidence-based therapies focused on trauma, in particular EMDR.

It consists of 8 training modules of 6 hours each, some open to the whole team, others specific for psychotherapists, for a total of 48 hours. It provides for a mixed frequency mode: remotely and in presence in Avellino in Corso Europa n.27

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